andyThe Stage
‘One of the biggest receptions of the evening, went to Andy Greaves from Worksop, with his cuddly stork, Lewis.
Vocalist and vent, the comedy came thick and fast.’

The Stage
‘Andy Greaves and Lewis. A comedy vent who is not only a superb technician, but peddles his odd bird Lewis
with a genuinely funny line in patter.’

Roger Holmes ‘The Magic of the Music Hall’ The Stage
‘Maybe comedy topped the bill – clean, well-timed, sharp & effective stuff from the personable Andy Greaves
with, from time to time, the dubious help of his feathered friend Lewis. Nothing antique about this act.’

Bernard Bale ‘Cinderella The Cresset Peterborough’ The Stage
‘Ventriloquist Andy Greaves Playing Baron Hardup deserves a special mention – he is a seriously underrated performer.’


Show Flyers

The Gallery below shows posters from some of Andy’s past shows.